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Thursday, March 17, 2011


First skli klu ko nk wat last minute study ac,,,ko kna  leave everything behind and set your

 study as your only priority. You can leave your problems  and even forget about you

don't even have a penny in your pocket. Ko ingt lm pale ko,,,all the time left until you sit

for the exam is crucial, and you have to effectively use all the time left for your study. By

the way, ko bleh  the whole year for other things, why don't just sacrifice this little time

 tuk ko punye  future good???? Bleh kan???hurm...Insyallah..

Next,,,ko kna gear yourself with essential tools, accessories, equipments or anything else that relevance tuk ko study before you start. These may include a cup of dark coffee, a Mentos and even a tooth paste (contoh pling dekt,,,membe ko wat,,, she puts a little of it near to her eyes to stay focus).  As for me, I am fine with my iPod to start reading.
Besides that, you can also get a study buddy, and study together. Preferably someone from your class who sits the same exam paper as you do. Work together. Study together. It will save loads of time when you ask him if you find any problem in your study than just read it again and again.

Lastly, stay calm. Do not stress yourself to turn over to next page every 10 seconds in order

 to finish reading that whole 1000 pages book. You should understand what you are

 reading. It is ok for you to forget what you are reading in previous page while you are 

still reading, because you will eventually remember them during exam.

Get a good night's rest. Yang ney penting so that you will wake up on time for your final


Pas 2,,,On the day of your final exam, read over  notes on the way to the exam, and be prepared with whatever  needed (pencil, paper) for  final examination.
 Trust yourself.

Last things ialah doa,,,doa 2 penting,,,senjata umt islam,,,solat hajt,,bca yasin,,selawt ke ats nabi,,


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